Bike Share Program

Bike shares are stations located on corners across a city that lets a rider rent a bike and drop off at other set stations, all without the hassle of watching your own bike. It makes biking more convenient, accessible, and affordable. From bustling New York City to quaint College Park, Maryland (pop. 30,000), cities of all sizes have seen the benefits of bike sharing. The explosion in popularity has allowed low cost vendors to enter the market, making it easier than ever for cities to bring. Research has shown that increase use of bikes can reduce urban greenhouse gas emissions by up to 11 percent.

Adding Accessory Units

Problem As incomes continue to stagnate the cost of housing continues to rise, lower and middle class people are finding themselves either losing more of their incomes or being forced into slums. For lower and middle class Americans this has become an affordable housing crisis. There are many factors to the loss of affordable housing,…